Data Privacy Day

By Beth Bacon, Director of Policy and Privacy, Public Interest Registry

With the evolution of technology and its insertion into so many aspects of our everyday lives, our personal data has become simultaneously more available and, thus, a prized resource. Because of the technology-based nature of everything – from services to entertainment to research – it has become vital for us to understand, protect, and manage our personal data more actively. Part of our mission at Public Interest Registry (PIR) is to create a stable and secure online space where registrants can do good.  As part of that commitment, PIR provides our customers with the information and tools necessary to help them protect their personal information and the information of others.

In this year of significant global change in the realm of privacy and data protection, PIR is happy to join several organizations as a Privacy Champion. Privacy Day is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance which powers StaySafeOnline.org, a source for privacy education and awareness information. Privacy Day is an opportunity to call attention to the importance of data protection and privacy, as well as highlighting informational resources available for individuals and businesses to build confidence in their online engagements.

In today’s world, personal data has tangible value, and PIR works diligently to protect the assets of its customers. PIR believes it’s in every business and individual’s best interest to create policies and practices that handle data in a manner that fosters credibility and trust. PIR employs industry best practices regarding how we handle registrant data and engages with our industry partners and colleagues to evaluate and shape future policies and practices. In the past year, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy, and we are continuously working internally and with our partners to routinely update the technology we use to collect, transfer, store and protect data.  We’re also continuously reviewing our data management policies to ensure we provide .org users with the security, confidence, and trust that they have come to expect from .org.

Today, as you think about your personal data or the personal data your business or non-profit encounters, we encourage you to explore the many resources provided online from StaySafeOnline.org, PIR’s own blog series on cyber security, news outlets, and industry groups that can help you to make decisions on how to manage personal data.  For more information keep watching this space for more blogs about privacy and security and feel free to review our Privacy Policy here.