Inaugural Global Trends in Giving Report Evaluates Donor Habits Worldwide

By: Tony Connor, Director of Marketing, Public Interest Registry

In a world filled with conflicting viewpoints, it’s refreshing to see people around the world come together for the common good – supporting the work of nonprofits, NGOs and charitable organizations. To explore how this is happening and overall trends in global philanthropic giving, Public Interest Registry and Nonprofit Tech for Good partnered for the Inaugural 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report. The report examines the impact of technology, gender, generation and ideology upon how people give to causes around the world.

One interesting area the report explores is Liberal versus Conservative giving around the world. In a time when the two ideologies can’t seem to agree on much, some commonalities can be seen around support for specific causes. For example, the report indicates that conservative donors are older in age and tend to most give to religious and faith-based service, whereas liberal donors are younger and more diverse in their giving. That said, the second and third top causes donated to by both groups are children and youth causes and human services.

Ideology and cause preference aside, donors across the globe prefer to give online (61 percent) and are more likely to trust a website and/or email address on the .org domain (72 percent).  When it comes to donating via social media, most donors prefer to use Facebook (62.1 percent). Interestingly, women account for a 73 percent of donors worldwide and 59 percent of women prefer to give online.

More than 4,000 donors in 95 countries were surveyed for the inaugural report to better understand how and why donors worldwide are giving to and engaging with non-governmental (NGOs), nonprofits and charitable organizations.

The report is available in English, Spanish and French. You can download the full report here.