Introducing .ORG Origins

by Jon Nevett, President and CEO of PIR


Every .ORG has a unique story—one that begins with a dream to make a positive impact in the world. At Public Interest Registry, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping changemakers across the globe turn their dreams into reality. 


That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of .ORG Origins—a new initiative that showcases how .ORGs get off the ground, grow, and begin to make an impact. Through a recurring series of episodic videos, blog posts, and other free resources, we will share the origin stories of mission-driven organizations with the hope that they will inspire others to bring their do-good ideas to life. 


.ORG Origins features The Shared Humanity Project, an incredible organization dedicated to eradicating poverty across the United States. Like many .ORGs, they started with an ambitious idea and grew into a successful force for good.


This fall, we will release four .ORG Origins episodes, providing an exclusive look at how co-founders Mark Bergel and Katherin Ross Phillips kick-started and grew The Shared Humanity Project. This series also will feature community members who have been positively impacted by their work. 


In addition to the video stories, .ORG Origins offers other valuable tools and resources such as our Mentor Moments interview series—where established .ORG leaders share lessons learned and insightful advice for those who are beginning their own mission-driven journey but aren’t sure where to start.


.ORG Origins is meant to be a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to empower mission-driven groups and individuals through each phase of their journey. 


We highlight their achievements in our ORG in Action stories, recognize them through our .ORG Impact Awards, and support them through our .ORG Learning Center. Now, we will be there at the very beginning to help them tackle the challenge of turning inspiration into action.


As part of our own non-profit mission, we do so much more than operate the .ORG TLD. We strive to help mission-driven individuals and organizations thrive in every step of their journey, and it all starts with transforming inspiration into action, at the origin.


Whether you’re part of an existing .ORG, a new non-profit, a social enterprise, or a broader movement for change, .ORG Origins is designed for any and all who want to make a positive contribution to society.


The world needs changemakers now more than ever, and I can’t wait to see how .ORG Origins will help inspire and guide mission-driven leaders to do good around the globe. 



Jon Nevett

President & CEO of Public Interest Registry


To watch the .ORG Origins video series, visit orgorigins.org or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.