The .ORG Learning Center: Building an Educational Hub for the Mission-Driven Community

by Paul Diaz, Vice President of Policy, PIR and Director of the .ORG Learning Center

What if you have a great idea to help your community and improve our world, but don’t know how to move from bold inspiration to online action? Or imagine that you’ve already registered a .ORG and perhaps even developed a beautiful new website. You’re ready to take on the world and make your community a better place. The question is—what comes next? 

This is the dilemma faced by thousands of new .ORGs a year—whether they’re seeking to combat coronavirus, fight hunger and poverty, or provide new resources for their local community.

At Public Interest Registry, we believe that there needs to be a centralized place for new .ORGs to turn to when they’re just starting out and want to build a plan to establish and promote their cause online. So we are proud to announce The .ORG Learning Center

The .ORG Learning Center will be a trusted resource for the mission-driven community—a place where people can find articles, videos and other content about how to establish their Internet presence and thrive online.  

We’re pleased to launch the center with an 8-part article series called the “Bootcamp for Mission-Driven Organizations.” These are educational essentials to help .ORGs establish and grow their online presence. Topics include: building your brand, communicating your mission and messaging, developing a website, promoting your organization online, effective blogging, measuring your website for success, leveraging social media, and telling your organization’s story during the pandemic. These articles provide a comprehensive solution to get your .ORG moving from idea to action.  

Looking forward, we will build on this initiative and expand our education efforts over the coming weeks, months and years with webinars and community forums, videos, podcasts, and other types of content  that will provide tips and resources focused on the needs of the mission-driven community.

The .ORG Learning Center is part of our longstanding commitment to making educational resources available to the .ORG Community. This work brings together efforts that have been going on for years and puts them under one roof. Ultimately, we want the .ORG Learning Center to serve as a public square where the mission-driven community can come together to learn, share, teach, and grow.

We hope that the .ORG Learning Center will help people take the next steps on their journey to improving our world. We welcome feedback, so if you have thoughts on a future content series or questions of any kind, please feel free to reach out via learning@PIR.org

The decision to launch a mission-driven organization is a significant one. It signals that you’re intending to take on a mission to make your community a better place in ways both small and large. At PIR, it is our mission to support you in that effort.  

That’s why we’re so pleased to launch the .ORG Learning Center and look forward to continuing to help the .ORG Community thrive.