Become a .NGO or .ONG Registrar

Become a .ngo or .ong Registrar

Become a registrar for Public Interest Registry and benefit from effective brand building, new market expansions, end user education, localized marketing library, registrar resource center and registrar-focused activities that help you grow your business. Regular promotions provide rewarding sales incentives for partnering with us. Public Interest Registry values its registrars and provides great support to keep relationships strong. To be a registrar for Public Interest Registry you must first be an ICANN accredited registrar. Go to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) website for more information on this process. Once you are ICANN accredited, you can start the accreditation process.

Become a Registrar for Public Interest Registry

Public Interest Registry has developed the Online Registrar Management System (ORMS) for efficient accreditation for any of the TLDs that we offer. Using ORMS expedites the accreditation process for all TLDs by allowing most requirements to be completed online, with industry standard, high levels of security enabled for this process. To submit documents required for Public Interest Registry accreditation electronically, please contact Registry Services and Customer Operation to request access to ORMS.

If you wish to have someone from our staff contact you, please fill out this form to receive assistance in becoming accredited as a registrar with us. Only ICANN accredited registrars get access to ORMS. Public Interest Registry only grants access to ORMS to contacts within your organization that you specifically authorize.

When your registrar accreditation is complete, take advantage of Public Interest Registry’s resources, marketing tools and support to start growing your registrar business.

Accreditation Documentation

Each of the following links explains more information on this three-step process:

  1. Documentation – Complete and submit all required business forms and contracts to provide necessary background and financial information.
  2. Meet PIR’s technical requirements – Obtain a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate from an accepted certificate authority and successfully complete the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E).
  3. Fund your account – Review Public Interest Registry’s Credit and Payment Policy and provide the funds for selling .org domains.


Want to market our domains, but not interested in becoming a registrar? Become a reseller as an affiliate partner of an accredited registrar. Find out how to become an .ORG reseller or a .NGO/.ONG reseller.