Step 2: Meet The Technical Requirements (.NGO/.ONG)

If you wish to submit the requirements for Public Interest Registry accreditation electronically, please contact Registry Services and Customer Operations to request access to Public Interest Registry’s Online Registrar Management System (ORMS). Using ORMS expedites the accreditation process by allowing most requirements to be submitted online, with the highest security measures in place. Access to ORMS is granted to authorized contacts for ICANN accredited registrars.

If you wish to have someone from our staff contact you, please contact our Registry Services team to receive assistance.

During Step 2, you will develop the client application that will allow you to interface with the Public Interest Registry Shared Registration System (SRS). The Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment is available for you to test your registrar client systems. Public Interest Registry requires registrars to demonstrate the correct operation of their client application by completing the OT&E certification process without errors for at least one of the TLDs you accredit for as a registrar entity.

Registrars who have not passed OT&E will not be able to process transactions with the Public Interest Registry SRS. Please contact Technical Support to schedule a time slot for OT&E certification. See EPP and DNSSEC criteria information below for this testing.

EPP v.1.0

Public Interest Registry deployed EPP v.1.0 on Jan. 15, 2005 for .org. Registrars’ clients are required to successfully connect to EPP v.1.0 for each Public Interest Registry TLD.

EPP Acceptance Criteria .NGO & .ONG (PDF last updated May 28, 2019)
EPP 1.0 RTK Package (Java) (7.3 MB revised May 19, 2015)
EPP 1.0 RTK Package (C++) (23.4 MB revised May 19, 2015)
EPP RTK Add-on (All versions) (Link will open SourceForge in a new window.)

EPP 1.0 RFCs:

(TXT Format)
5730: Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) RFC
5731: EPP Domain Name Mapping RFC
5732: EPP Host Mapping RFC
5733: EPP Contact Mapping RFC
5734: EPP Transport Over TCP RFC


Registrars accredited with .ngo & .ong, must offer DNSSEC to their customers and MUST pass the DNSSEC section of the .ngo & .ong OT&E Test. If you are already DNSSEC enabled for another TLD for Public Interest Registry, you do not need to test for DNSSEC.

Registrar Toolkit (RTK)

Public Interest Registry provides a toolkit to registrars to aid in their client development.

Checklist for Step 2

Before scheduling an OT&E certification test, please make sure you have completed all of Step 1.