Step 1: Documentation (.ORG/IDN)

Request Access to ORMS

Please contact Registry Services and Customer Operations to request access to Public Interest Registry’s Online Registrar Management System (ORMS) to electronically submit your registrar accreditation application to sell any of the Public Interest Registry TLDs including .org. Using ORMS expedites the .org accreditation process by allowing most application requirements to be conveniently submitted, with the highest security measures in place. Access to ORMS is granted to authorized contacts for ICANN accredited registrars.

If you wish to apply by mail or overnight service, please see the following instructions:

Registrar Data Form

Completing this form will provide Public Interest Registry with the information necessary to set up your registrar account. The Registrar Data Form is available in as a downloadable PDF, right-click on the link and select the “save as” option featured in your browser.

Update, save and print the completed form. Then return it to the address below. Faxes to +1 (703) 889-5779 are acceptable. Unless marked otherwise, ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

Facsimile Authorization Form

When you prepare this form, you are granted authorization for Public Interest Registry to send your OT&E password and other key information to a fax number designated by you. Download a PDF file of the Facsimile Authorization Form and return a signed original to the address below. Faxes of this form will not be accepted. Once Public Interest Registry has received the Registrar Data Form and Fax Authorization Form, your Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) account will be established and your username and password will be provided to you (see Step 2).

Confidentiality Agreement

Registrars are required to sign and return two original copies of the Public Interest Registry Confidentiality Agreement before obtaining access to OT&E. Both originals are to be signed by your organization’s authorized person. Mail the two signed original Confidentiality Agreements to the address below. Faxes of this agreement will not be accepted.

Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA)

The RRA is the contract between Public Interest Registry and you, the registrar.

Download the RRA PDF file for each TLD you accredit with for Public Interest Registry.

RRA for .org
RRA for .机构
RRA for .орг
RRA for .संगठन

Also, please complete the following RRA Addendum. It addresses data protection and the processing and transfer of EU data between Registries and Registrars.

In each RRA, please complete the required fields as follows:

  • Page 1:
    • Blank #1: Please leave “dated as of” blank as Public Interest Registry will enter the date.
    • Blank #2: Enter your company’s legally registered name (as listed on your ICANN accreditation).
    • Blank #3: Enter place and type of incorporation (as listed on your ICANN accreditation).
    • Blank #4: Enter the address of your principal place of business (as listed on your ICANN accreditation).
  • Section 7.1 Insurance:  Public Interest Registry will not be enforcing the insurance requirement outlined in the RRA.  Registrars are no longer required to obtain and maintain general liability insurance for accreditation with any Public Interest Registry gTLD.
  • Section 10.2: Enter addresses, phone and fax numbers where you would like legal notices to be sent to you.
  • Enter registrar’s name and complete registrar’s signature block at the end of the RRA(s).

Two signed original copies of the RRA are required. Return to the address below.

Financial Information Form

Complete this form using your organization’s information such as address, banking information, etc. In this form, you will document the amount of money you wish to establish as your account balance. You will also provide the amount of your account balance threshold indicating when you will be notified that you need to replenish your account with Public Interest Registry.

Company Formation Documents

Submit a copy of your company formation documents to verify your legal identity when entering into an agreement with Public Interest Registry.

Checklist for Step 1:

Public Interest Registry expects the following documents to be returned:

  • Registrar Data Form;
  • One signed original Fax Authorization Form;
  • Two signed original Confidentiality Agreements (unless already executed and in force with Public Interest Registry);
  • Two signed original Registry Registrar Agreements for each domain;
  • One signed original Registrar Financial Information Form;
  • Copy of your company’s formation documents.

All accreditation forms (RRAs, Confidentiality Agreements, financial forms, etc.) should be mailed to:

Public Interest Registry
11911 Freedom Drive
10th Floor, Suite 1000
Reston, VA 20190