Public Interest Registry Launches RFP Process for Registry Service Provider

Public Interest Registry (PIR), the operator of the .ORG family of domains, today announced the beginning of its Request for Proposal (RFP) process for its Registry Service Provider (RSP) capability.

PIR has established the following pre-qualification criteria for prospective respondents. A prospective respondent must represent that it:

  1. Has operated an RSP continuously for the past 7 years for multiple TLDs;
  2. Currently serves as an RSP or Registry Operator for 500,000 or more domain name registrations under management;
  3. Currently serves as an RSP for 3 or more total registries;
  4. Currently serves as an RSP or Registry Operator for 10,000 or more gTLD domain name registrations under management;
  5. Currently serves as an RSP for 1 or more gTLD registry;
  6. Currently is integrated with 25 or more registrars listed at https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml;
  7. Currently complies with relevant security and privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR);
  8. Is not headquartered in and does not have operations in countries subject to U.S. sanctions;
  9. Has and will provide at least 3 years of audited financials, ending with the most recently audited fiscal year, for the legal entity or ultimate beneficial owner(s), by a major accredited international accounting firm; and
  10. Acknowledges that PIR will require a potential applicant enter into PIR’s nondisclosure agreement for the purpose of receiving the RFP and participating in the RFP process.


For items (1) and (9), it is understood that M & A transactions may have occurred during the specified time periods.

Interested parties that meet these criteria are invited to send an email to rfp-launch@pir.org. Upon receipt of this email, PIR will initiate the steps to send the nondisclosure agreement described above.

PIR plans to release the RFP document next week to qualified interested parties that have signed the nondisclosure agreement. PIR is committed to executing a fair RFP process that prioritizes confidentiality and security for all parties involved.