The Next 15 Years: Public Interest Registry’s Commitment to .org Stewardship

By Marc Saitta, COO, Public Interest Registry

We’re starting 2018 in celebration mode here at Public Interest Registry, marking the organization’s 15th anniversary of managing .org. While we continue to celebrate the more than 10.3 million domain names registered worldwide, this celebration also brings about a refreshed recommitment to support the global noncommercial community, and ensure future growth and development of the domain for all who wish to use it. This includes our advocacy work to promote collaboration, safety and security on the internet, and policy issues relating to the domain naming system.

As we look forward to how we can best support the continued development of .org, we know the quality of the product we provide is of utmost importance. We take our job as stewards of the .org domain very seriously and strive to be an exemplary, best-in-class service provider to delight our registrar partners. To deliver on this commitment, we have identified areas of focus in 2018:

  1. Provide continued education to the noncommercial community on using the internet and .org
  2. Be a dedicated and helpful partner to the domain registrar channel
  3. Ensure the delivery of quality services


We are committed to enhancing our service offerings that will provide the noncommercial community a safe and secure experience, and further promote trust in .org. Security is an important element in providing a safe and trusted experience on .org, and Public Interest Registry is deeply committed to advocating for internet-wide standards and policy alongside the Internet Society (ISOC), including the General Data Protection Regulation that will impact internet users around the world. Public Interest Registry has also partnered with Dataprovider.com as part of our ongoing efforts to gain deeper insights into the needs of .org customers so that further support elements can be identified.

In addition to ensuring a quality .org experience, Public Interest Registry is also committed to developing educational programs that help the noncommercial community understand how the internet can further their missions. The second half of 2017 saw the launch of our NGOs and Data Security blog series that educated readers on information security themes relating specifically to noncommercial internet users, and we’ll continue to provide insight on additional themes that may impact these stakeholders in the year ahead.

Public Interest Registry is also committed to being a best-in-class partner across the registrar channel. We’ll be working closely with registrars this year to improve communications and support functions between Public Interest Registry and registrars, with the ultimate goal of ensuring enhanced functionality of .org and a seamless .org experience. This includes providing stellar customer support to our registrar partners, who are on the front line with .org customers every day.

From delivering continued education to registrants to working side-by-side with registrars, Public Interest Registry stands ready in 2018 and beyond to help steward the continued growth of the .org domain, keep it safe and secure, and ensure the domain’s readiness to support all who rely on it.