DNS Forum – The Practical Impacts of Policy on the DNS

Developing sound policies to build trust online, to encourage use and innovation, and to ensure an open and secure Internet is vital.  So is the ability for those policies to be implemented by technical operators.  We recently hosted a panel of experts from CENTR, ISOC-DC, i2Coalition, and LACTLD to discuss the practical impacts of policy on domain name system (DNS) technical operators.  Key questions covered during the discussion included:

  • What policies impact us?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What do they mean for our business, products, services, and customers?
  • How do technical operators help develop an influence sound policy?

You can find and listen to all of the recordings from the DNS Forum here.

Focused discussions:

  • Which policies impact technical operators established in jurisdictions from the US, Canada and the EU, and how they’ve designed their services with flexibility in mind to enable scaling in size and with policy changes.

  • Trends in extra-judicial takedown requests in the US and globally and the overlay of free speech protections and functional remedies in the DNS.

  • Examining multi-stakeholder fora that develop, influence, and implement policies relevant to technical providers, and how the technical community can and should engage.

  • Challenges and opportunities that the Internet and its evolution presents; finding balance between policymakers and technologists, law enforcement and privacy, and the need for transparency and cooperation in the security space.

The discussions during the DNS Forum worked to bridge the gap that can form between policy development and the technical implementation.  Encouraging collaboration between policy and technical stakeholders can only lead to a stronger policies and a more resilient Internet for users.  Let’s keep the conversations going.