Times Change, But You Can Still Advance Your Mission

.ORG is an iconic domain name – in existence for over 30 years and with over ten million domain names registered. Around the world it is seen as a global brand of trust on the Internet. We wanted to share some of the ways Public Interest Registry and .ORG have changed but stayed the same over the years….

Back in 2002, Public Interest Registry was created by the Internet Society to manage the .ORG domain name, which it took over in January 2003 in the largest successful transfer of domain names from one registry to another in history. Back then, we looked like this:

Public Interest Registry logo from 2003

.ORG logo from 2003

Our Public Interest Registry logo included elements of the ISOC logo that is still in use today!

In 2007, we had a facelift, although our values stayed the same. Our new look embodied the idea of organizations moving forward and advancing their missions:

.ORG logo 2010

This served us well until 2013, when we began launching sets of new domains aimed at helping even more organizations get online. We wanted our new look to embody our commitment to their community and provide a family of brands that reflected our new domains, .ORG Internationalized Domain Names, the .NGO and .ONG domains, and the OnGood community, created to support Non-Governmental Organizations.

PIR Logo 2013

In 2019 we decided to focus on that iconic domain name, .ORG. The new identity visually, verbally, and emotionally speaks to who we are and how we want to connect to the .ORG community and the world.

The new logo—with “ORG” encircled in a vibrant royal blue sphere—reflects the brand’s impact worldwide, with more than 10 million domains under management. The open “ORG” lettering on either side of the sphere signals that .ORG is an open domain for anyone; it serves as a powerful and inclusive global connector.

The logo for PIR and the .NGO/.ONG extensions—exclusive domains serving non-governmental organizations—also underwent a visual refresh. The new visual identities of PIR and .NGO/.ONG mirror that of .ORG, but with different color designations: turquoise and green respectively.

pir logo 2019

NGO and ONG logos

Become part of this incredible community by registering your own .ORG, .NGO and .ONG domain names. The first step is to find an accredited registrar and advance your mission.