.ORGs in Action

.ORGs in Action

The .ORG domain is perfect for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the world. Here are some examples of the types of people and organizations thriving in the .ORG community:


Businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Branches

Businesses engaged in CSRs have self-regulating divisions that allow companies to manage their business processes in a responsible and socially impactful way. CSR initiatives can fulfill business missions in many ways, such as philanthropic activities such as supporting a charity or cause through donations or volunteering, promoting activism, or engaging in ethically sustainable practices. Check out how these organizations are leveraging .ORG to reach their online aspirations.


Social Enterprises

Social enterprises, which may also be known as social entrepreneurs, are organizations or individuals that use commercial business strategies to affect a mission for social good. Social enterprises can be non-profits, for-profit businesses, B corps, civic-minded individuals, and the like, but they are not charities because they generate their revenue by selling products and services rather than leveraging volunteers or donations. Often, these organizations begin as business solutions created to meet a specific societal need or as commercial businesses that evolved into a social enterprise by adopting a socially-positive mission. Explore how some social enterprises are using .ORG to promote their missions.



Non-profits are defined as tax-exempt organizations whose primary mission is to serve a social cause or provide a public benefit. Common examples of non-profits include public charities, foundations, social advocacy groups, and trade organizations.

In recent years thanks to advanced technology and “out of the box” thinking, the traditional non-profit has evolved to include newer non-profit models such as charitable crowdfunding and the charitable startup. Charitable crowdfunding organizations provide an online platform  where non-profits can generate donations, sign up volunteers, or promote community activism. Charitable startups are modeled after technology startups with a “lean non-profit” mentality focused on community growth and social impact rather than profit. Discover how some non-profits are using .ORG to realize their goals and inspire their communities and the people they serve.


Community Interest Groups and Individuals

Community interest groups are organizations centered around hobby, activity, sport, or passion; these organizations are  primarily focused on sharing that common interest with others. This type of organization can range in scope from a local neighborhood watch group to a sports organization with global representation in multiple countries. Similarly, a person can start his/her own community or personal interest website with the same goal of expressing ideas, advocating for a purpose, or to provide support for community building. Read more about how some amazing groups and people have created a trusted online home with .ORG.