Find My .ORG

Find My .ORG

Let’s dig in to finding your .ORG domain name. When thinking about optional domain names, some helpful questions to keep in mind are:

  • What best represents your brand, organization, and mission?
  • Is it memorable and easy to type?
  • Am I avoiding names with more than one spelling, slang, and unnecessary punctuation?
  • Are there similar or closely named existing websites that people could accidentally visit?
  • Are those sites respectable to avoid any potential negative association?


How do I search for my .ORG?

You can look up the availability for potential domain names through the WHOIS service (Registration Data Access Protocol or RDAP) is a tool provided by registries and registrars that provides the same functionality), a database that keeps track of all currently registered domain names. A WHOIS or RDAP search will let you know if the domain name is available or already registered.  You can search the availability of domain names via the WHOIS and RDAP tools of registries or registrars.
We offer two different ways of accessing the WHOIS: A Domain Availability tool that shows you if the domain you’re interested in is available (yay!), and a WHOIS Lookup tool that provides detailed information about who actually owns the domain, when it is up for renewal, and more.

What if the domain name you want is unavailable?

If the domain name you desire is unavailable, check to see if there is a help section on your registrar’s website. A help section can provide more information on domain name availability. Most domain registrars have a search tool that generates available names similar to the one you want. Be creative and open to alternate names. Sometimes, they turn out to be better than your original choice!

If the domain name you really want is not available, you might be able to acquire it in the aftermarket. Domain investors acquire domain names that are attractive, and invite offers or put them up for auction. Your registrar can help acquire a name that is already taken, or it might be available in a public auction. Read more about Domain Auctions in our Register My .ORG section!