Executive Management

With over half a century of combined domain industry experience, PIR’s Executive Management is leading .ORG into the future applying best corporate practices to fulfill its non-profit mission.



PIR’s Staff is made up of hard-working, fun-loving professionals who hold themselves to high standards and are committed to PIR’s culture of excellence. We believe that the work we do every day makes a difference.


Board of Directors

Sharing their diverse perspectives from across multiple industries, PIR’s Board of Directors shapes a holistic and global strategic vision for the organization. The Board draws on its wealth of non-profit and corporate sector knowledge to provide best practices for planning, governance, and oversight.


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of industry leaders from a broad spectrum of global organizations that work to advise PIR on issues ranging from public policy to the introduction of new services. Most importantly, the Advisory Council members serve as an intermediary between end users and PIR, ensuring that the needs and concerns of registrants are known and addressed.


About ISOC

PIR’s parent company, the Internet Society (ISOC), created Public Interest Registry in 2002 to manage, enhance and expand the .ORG domain. Find out more about the relationship between these two organizations.