Anti-Abuse Metrics

.ORG Anti-Abuse Metrics

One of the best things about the .ORG domain is that it consistently ranks highest from a quality standpoint, especially when it comes to abuse. PIR works hard to make sure that the .ORG name space is the cleanest domain space in the industry. When you choose a .ORG domain, you know you’re getting the highest quality domain possible. Check out our metrics and you’ll see how we rank and compare with other domains.


Abuse and Takedown Numbers (through 2019)



You might notice an increase in raw abuse numbers between 2018 and 2019. No, .ORG isn’t becoming increasingly abused. Instead, we’re getting better at finding and addressing the abuse. We always check our new registrations for abuse, and we’ve improved our processes recently by instituting regular “sweeps” of all .ORG registrations against various reputation service providers. These sweeps have helped us find and address abuse cases that have “slipped through the cracks.” As you can see from our Spamhaus “Badness Score”, we remain the cleanest of all the large gTLDs.



Botnet Domain Take Downs
by Court Orders 
(either suspended
or seized by LEA)
Domain Suspension by
Law Enforcement Court
Order (non-botnet)
Civil IP Enforcement
YearDomains AffectedYear# of DomainsYear# of Domains


SPAMHAUS Average Scores for 2019


Suspensions for Sites Illegally Distributing Opioids

YearSites Suspended