Anti-Abuse Metrics

.ORG Anti-Abuse Metrics

One of the best things about the .ORG domain is that it consistently ranks highest from a quality standpoint, especially when it comes to abuse. PIR works hard to make sure that the .ORG name space is the cleanest domain space in the industry. When you choose a .ORG domain, you know you’re getting the highest quality domain possible. Check out our metrics and you’ll see how we rank and compare with other domains.

Abuse and Takedown Numbers (through September 30, 2020)

A natural question from these statistics is: what is the difference between the total number of domains flagged as abusive and the number of domains PIR or the registrar acts upon? Many of these instances are “compromised cases,” where the domains are registered for non-abusive purposes, but the registrant’s domain is put to abusive purposes without its consent. Additionally, sometimes domains are flagged as abusive by Reputation Block Lists (RBLs) but then “un-flagged” for a variety of reasons.

Year Botnet Domain Take Downs
by Court Orders 

Domains Affected

Law Enforcement Seizures
(criminal/non-botnet context)

Number of Domains

Civil IP Enforcement

Number of Domains

Carding Take Downs

Number of Domains

2017 30,267 30 534
2018 13,927 2 1,128
2019 13,694 1 388 0
2020 YTD 86,240 2 79 3

SPAMHAUS Average Scores as of 10/02/2020

Suspensions for Sites Illegally Distributing Opioids

Year Sites Suspended
2019 3
2020 YTD 0