For over 30 years, transformative .ORGs around the world have inspired others to make a positive impact in their own communities. Sharing the stories celebrates their contributions and strengthens the work being done through .ORG to make the world a better place.

In this digital age, the world is increasingly moving towards social platforms to connect consumers to brands. It’s no wonder that social media has become the go-to for us to find out information on brands, products, services, and the like. Our social pages showcase all the amazing things that .ORG is supporting and creating as well as highlighting .ORGs—non-profits and beyond—that utilize the Internet to help build a better community and world for all. We would love for you to join the .ORG social media family and stay up to date on all our exciting initiatives.



This is one of the platforms that we have fun with! We use Instagram to showcase the team living out the .ORG core values in their everyday lives, celebrate and shout-out .ORGs for their incredible work, and share random thoughts from our team that would serve as motivation for your day!



Twitter is the fast-paced social platform that is similar to a real-time newsroom. It is the closest thing to a large group of people all contributing their voices to an ongoing conversation—but it’s digital. Technology can be a wondrous thing.



Facebook is another fun platform as it provides a place for us to feature what is happening behind the scenes at .ORG, share informative articles to optimize your website to achieve success online, and discuss useful domain industry and Internet updates that will interest you and your organization.



We love LinkedIn’s ability to connect .ORG community leaders to other industry leaders, sharing thought-provoking and insightful information to help improve your organization’s business.