Domain Products

PIR was founded in 2002 to manage and operate the .ORG gTLD. Since then we have expanded into new domains that are consistent with our mission: To empower, through the Internet, those who dedicate themselves to improving our world.

The .ORG Domain

As one of the iconic and original domains of the Internet, .ORG has been shaped by the global community as the open space to express opinions, spread knowledge, and advocate causes. Whether you have a brilliant idea to share, a passion to express, a new mission to spread worldwide, or a burning desire to unite and motivate a group of people – the .ORG domain has always been the domain extension to communicate trust, credibility, and community interest.

The .NGO and .ONG Domains

These two new exciting domains, .ngo & .ong, are exclusively for validated Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with .ong being the Romance language version of .ngo. They provide immediate online recognition as well as access to OnGood, a community-based platform for broader public engagement, funding and partnerships. With your registration for .ngo and .ong, you will also have the opportunity to create a profile in OnGood’s exclusive NGO directory to promote your organization and connect with donors.

International Domains

You’re global, and so are we. To help advance the missions of organizations around the world, we also provide Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). These domains enhance the current IDN versions of .ORG by allowing the script – both before and after the “dot” – to be registered and used in-language.

We believe that these new online destinations open the Internet to billions of people in their own languages. We welcome the opportunity to connect with those who are willing to share their fresh ideas and perspectives in this expanding new arena.

Equivalents to .ORG are available in the following languages: