Public Interest Registry Now Offers .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, .GIVES as Part of Its ‘.ORG Family of Domains’ Portfolio

PIR’s offering of newly acquired top-level domains illustrates ongoing commitment to empower mission-driven organizations across the globe


Reston, VA — Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit organization behind .ORG and leading provider of mission-driven domains, today announced its .ORG family of domains now includes: .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES. Following PIR’s acquisition of .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION and .GIVES, the TLDs are now officially available through PIR.


With the addition of the newest TLDs, the PIR portfolio now includes .ORG, .NGO, .ONG, Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs or .ORG in other languages/character sets), .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES. Together, these TLDs make up PIR’s .ORG family of domains. .GIVING also will be officially added to PIR’s growing family of domains later this year.


The expansion of the .ORG family of domains marks a step forward in PIR’s strategic plan to fulfill its commitment to serving the public interest online and empowering mission-driven organizations to engage with their communities and advance positive change in the world.


“Options are good. We want mission-driven organizations to have more tools in their toolboxes to connect with each of their specific audiences with the important work they’re doing to power meaningful progress in their communities,” said Jon Nevett, CEO of Public Interest Registry. “If your organization aims to do good, you’re a fit for the .ORG family of domains—from corporations launching a corporate social responsibility initiative, to mission-driven social enterprises, to non-profit organizations large and small. Our .ORG family of domains is for everyone working to make a positive impact in the world.”


Along with the trustworthiness and security of the .ORG domain, .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES provide a multitude of benefits for mission-driven organizations:


  • Create Dedicated Websites for Specific Campaigns and Initiatives: Mission-driven entities can leverage .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES to establish a standalone website for a specific campaign or project, serving as a complement to their primary website. Dedicated websites and microsites can help streamline communication and navigation, as well as signal to an audience that an initiative is an area of focus. For example, a for-profit entity could create a microsite using .GIVES or .FOUNDATION for their charitable arm or a corporate social responsibility initiative—conveying a commitment to doing good.


  • Clearly Signal a Purpose: Choosing a TLD such as .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES as an organization’s primary online home can help send a clear signal about its specific purpose. For example, .FOUNDATION can be used by philanthropic entities to immediately and easily communicate their identity and purpose. Additionally, in countries such as the United Kingdom, where people refer to non-profits as charities, .CHARITY would immediately signal that a website belongs to a non-profit organization.


  • Secure a Desired Domain Name: When a mission-driven organization aims to launch its website or e-mail address, they may find that their desired name is already taken on some of the larger top level domains, such as .ORG. PIR’s newly expanded .ORG family of domains offers more opportunities to secure a website name that might be taken on legacy top level domains like .ORG. For example, smaller, startup non-profits may want to use .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION or .GIVES as their main domain from the outset, especially if they cannot secure their preferred name on .ORG.


Mission-driven organizations can purchase .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION and .GIVES—and any of the other members of the .ORG family of domains—through accredited registrars listed on PIR’s website. .GIVING—which can be used to create a dedicated space for specific fundraising efforts by social enterprises, corporations with a commitment to CSR, and non-profits of all sizes—will launch in 2022 and be available to all in 2023.


About Public Interest Registry

Public Interest Registry (PIR) is a nonprofit that operates the .ORG top-level domain—one of the world’s largest generic top-level domains with more than 10.6 million domain names registered worldwide. PIR has been a champion for a free and open Internet for two decades with a clear mission to be an exemplary domain name registry, provide a trusted digital identity and help educate those who dedicate themselves to improving our world. PIR was founded by the Internet Society (internetsociety.org) in 2002 and is based in Reston, Virginia, USA. Visit www.TheNew.org for more information.



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